Who am I and My Likes & Interest

Hello my name is Bianca Nadine Tarin and I am from Westville, Durban, KZN, South Africa…

Like everyone Bianca had “Dreams” – to Love and beloved, to get Married, have a beautiful home, Travel and most of all have children.

She found Love with Santana and looked forward to the Day in which they would get Married. They had planned to get married in 2014 and Bianca had been doing research in regards to planning the event.

She loved her “Sim’s” computer game with which she would design her dream home. She also loved the fact that it would allow her to create a family this, affording her to simulate some of her dreams.

Japan, China and Russia were some of the countries she wished to visit as their life styles caught her fancy. She loved “Anime” and the “Hair Styles” and spent time collecting these.

Her greatest enjoyment was the time spent entertaining “Children” or playing with “Animals”. She loved catching the little “Bunny Rabbits” and “Piglets” and always looked forward to visiting our friend that had them; the mere mention of the possible visit would light up her face.

Bianca had so much “Love” to give and this she did to one and all, Also wanting to make people “Happy” and see them smile. She would always be giving little ” Gifts” even to those she hardly knew (maybe to make them “Smile”).

Christmas was a very, very special time for Bianca and decorating the “Tree” was an exhilarating experience for her and something she could hardly await. We always had difficulty controlling her urge to do this days before time.

Bianca always loved handing out the gifts (playing Father Christmas) and would want the gifts from her to you opened first. This coming Christmas will be a very Sad one. She liked opening some of the gifts the day before as she could not control her need to see the joy it brought.

Bianca gave advise freely and straight from the Heart, I could say she spoke her mind but then she could have been more “tactful”. Her comments were always interesting if not amusing and you could not but laugh at most of them.

As a “Friend” she was always there for everyone no matter the time nor day. Even threatening to “Beat-up” a boyfriend that had mistreated any of them.

“Hair-dressing” was her passion especially “Emo” styles like the “Anime” and she excelled at this – styling most of her friends hair. This was the reason for her wish to visit both Japan and China.

Bipolar took away her Dream of being a “Hairstylist” as the medication gave her the shakes and therefore made it impossible to cut hair. It also stole her dream of having “Children” of her own – like a “Thief” it took it All.

When you were being born
They had to do a “C”Section as your head was tangled with the cord.
I prayed so very hard that you would come to stay(LIVE) and You did 

At the Hospital seeing you lying there in ER,
I prayed again for you to STAY with us (LIVE)

But you did not

Bianca was extremely Creative and was always busy with something. She tried so very hard at everything she did and attacked it with great enthusiasm.

Please feel free to contribute any info or just talk about some of your experiences with her – by contacting me at info@bnt-sonic.co.za or  Bianca@vintecafrica.com as we would like to place it on this site which when complete, will go live. We would love for you to share the FUN moments you shared.

Having Fun,



I am Forced to “Fake”
A “Smile”, a “Laugh”
Every day of my “Life”