Bianca as a Child

As a child Bianca loved playing in the garden, building “Fairy Castles and cottages”.
She would also build little traps around them as a form of protection for the “fairy’s”.
We always had to “watch our steps” around the garden in order to miss the cotton traps,

She loved playing cricket with our neighbour’s son “Dean” and was quite good at it.

She would also go next-door to play with “Emma”. Once we received a nasty shock as she had almost “drowned” while swimming with Emma.

Bianca at her "best", a "Happy" moment

Bianca at Work

Flying to JHB

There was just too much rain in Bianca’s Life for any person to deal with. She tried extremely hard but ….

We would sit up until early hours in the morning watching T.V when she could not sleep. She loved watching CSI. She would also tend to make Crumpets late at night and I would enjoy her hilarious comments.

Bianca loved to make people smile and therefore would always be entertaining with her special humour.

She loved giving people little gifts to bring some “sunshine” into their lives.
Just before Christmas she, would have me drive her around so she could deliver the little gifts that she had bought for some of the people she had got to know.

She would sit with all the Christmas catalogs, going through them selecting little gifts and trying to balance her money with the cost. She derived her pleasure from doing this.

Her enthusiasm and drive always amazed me and her ability to continuously “bounce back” from disappointments made me extremely proud of her. She was truly an amazingly strong woman, far stronger than anyone I know.

Bianca loved to travel and spent a lot of time searching and applying for jobs in the Holiday Resort industry oversea’s.